The Revel CMS is a next generation cloud  SaaS (software as a service) platform for digital signage and media distribution.It supplies all necessary tools to deliver the best possible experience for both digital signages and end users. Visit to get free 30-day trial.


  •   Modern web based management UI
  •  One platform for kiosks, menus, point-of-sale, video walls, beacons & more
  •  Remote Device & Contents management
  •  Simplify large deployments with Smart Scheduling     
  •  Support for all major media formats
  •  Unlimited design possiblities
  •  Enterprise features including analytics, appoval, offline alerts, and user roles


Modern Management tools:


Unlimited design possibilities

Complete freedom to design your digital signage anyway you like. Unlimited zones of content with layering and transparency allow for rich, beautiful presentations.












AdHawk Analytics (Audience in measurement)

AdHawk is an analytics engine seamlessly integrated into the RevelDigital platform. AdHawk is compatible with an array of audience measurement devices including camera, Bluetooth beacons, sonic sensors, and more. Collect and analyze various metrics including impressions, age/gender, traffic flow, and even visualize real-time interactions. Using this function, the supermarket/retailers can get precise audiences’ purchase behavior, like dwell time, walk tracjectory, crow flow trends etc, and make next right decisionto improve sales revenues.















Stable Cloud Server for remote management